Daniel Blom is a Sweden based photographer and film director.

His path into photography and filmmaking was sparked in his youth when his love of snowboarding prompted him to document his friends riding at his local hill. This passion eventually evolved into a decade long career as a still photographer for renowned snowboarding brands and magazines, allowing him to travel the world in pursuit of "the shot".

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of action sports, where he was challenged with every type of project from studio to high alpine, action to portraiture, it's no surprise that he soon began working with major advertising clients in the fields of lifestyle, sports, outdoor, and automotive. Still approaching each assignment with the same calm, methodical approach as he had starting out in his youth. Here, Daniel began exploring work in film, taking on roles as both a D.o.P and Director, truly inspired by the added means of communicating his visuals.

Despite the diversity of his work, there are common themes that run through Blom's photographs and films: the power of nature, the speed of motion, the beauty of humans, and the subtle play of natural light. These unifying elements help define his identity as a director and photographer, and even after two decades behind the camera, Daniel continues to push for development, striving to move the boundaries of his work with new influences, collaborators and techniques.

Clients include: BMW, AUDI, Puma, NIKE, Lexus, Fjällräven, Skoda, Coka Cola, Wired Magazine, Monocle, UNICEF, Ikea, Toyota, LG, Absolut, Aston Martin, Volvo, Finnair, The Guardian, Marshall, Oakley, Google and Adidas.


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